Who We Are?



Bob and Debbie Gretz

Bob and Debbie Gretz founded Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue and Retreat after fostering many dogs for other rescue groups, and finding that most of the senior dogs never left their house!  So began the journey of Gray Face Acres in June of 2016.  In the course of 15 years, over 450 dogs found there way to our home, and either retired with them, or went onto their forever families.

“Our goal is to rescue as many unwanted senior dogs as we possibly can, through our connections with many of the local shelters, and so many people who reach out asking for help with placing senior dogs they can no longer care for.

Family called us back to Idaho in August of 2019, where we have parents, children and grandchildren.  We left Gray Face Acres in the very capable hands of a wonderful board, and volunteers, and love seeing the progress they are continuing to have!!  We are working on Gray Face Acres West as we look for our niche in a completely new area!! We look forward to seeing what we can do to help senior dogs in Idaho!

Executive Director

Jade Nguyen

As a 3 year old refugee fleeing war, and landing in a new country, my mind blocked a lot out during most of my childhood.  It’s strange not having many memories until your teen years! One of the few things that I do vividly remember is my first dog, Benji.  He didn’t look anything like the pup from the movie, but we didn’t speak English and Benji was the only American dog name we knew.  When I was sad or scared or worried, I always went to him for comfort. Life was really hard, so that was a lot of comforting! His unconditional love awoke in me a life-long compassion and deep love of animals.  My Mom said I was born with it, cried even at the thought of an animal suffering. That’s true to this day.

I rescued my first 2 dogs in college, and then many more since, plus 4 cats. When one furbaby became an angel in 2018, I contacted Debbie Gretz of Gray Face Acres to donate supplies. She had a dog that needed subq fluids, and that’s when my journey with GFA began. I am so grateful and proud to work with this team of dedicated warriors who have committed themselves to saving as many seniors as possible, no matter the heartache that comes with it. Honestly, they redeem humankind every day for me. I’m often thanked for my work, to which I reply, “it gives me the meaning I will search for when I’m on my death bed. It will let me pass in peace”.  When I become an angel, I know I will be welcomed by all the animals I’ve helped, and that keeps me going down this wonderful road with GFA.  I’d like to thank Benji, Buddy, Charlie, Jazzy, Moppitt, Noki, Mogwai, Taz, BC Kitty, Sophie, Molly, Cheeto, Pixie, Amadeus, Minnie, Cooper, Teddy, Zeke, Lucy, Heidi, Fluffy, Lil Bear, Ziggy, and Riley for nourishing my heart and soul.