Where do the dogs come from?

We try to take most of our dogs out of high risk situations where they will likely be euthanized.  Most of them come from more rural shelters that do not have any resources or staff to help find them homes.  We work with rescue groups whose sole purpose is networking these rural shelter dogs to rescue groups.

If I decided to foster or fospice does GFA pay for the expenses of the dog, for example vet care?

When you foster a dog, whether an adoptable foster, or a hospice foster (fospice). The rescue pays for veterinary costs.  The foster is responsible for food and all other basic needs.  We will also provide monthly heart worm and flea and tick prevention.  Of course, if the foster is willing and able, we welcome any help in paying for any of these things.

What makes you qualified to care for senior dogs?

We are able to care for senior dogs because of years of experience in doing so.  Also, with excellent veterinary care to help whenever we need it.  We look for the best and most qualified people to help us with many canine geriatric issues as well.  We are set up well here for senior dogs with easy access to the main level of the house, and to a separate rescue room, as well as multiple outdoor areas for them to enjoy.

Are they all senior dogs?

We have a few dogs here who are not seniors.  They joined the family before we started the rescue.  Also, many dogs that land in shelters are mistaken for being senior when they are not.  This can happen if they are early gray, blind or have any deformities thought to be arthritis.  We have had all of these situations arise in taking a “senior” dog from a shelter, only to find they are just a few years old.

Why should I adopt an older dog?

Adopting an older dog is not for the faint of heart.  You go into it understanding your time will be shorter than with a puppy.  It is really a selfless thing to do.  You do it for the dog, because a senior dog needs a place to live his or her golden years and not have life end in a shelter.  You will find great reward in their loving companionship, and you will let them go when the time comes, in your loving arms and not in a cold shelter.
It will be one of the best things you will ever do.

Why should I foster or do fospice?

Fostering allows us to save more dogs.  There are only so many we can have here at the rescue.  Only so much time in a day, and so much lap space, and sofa space, and the best care needs to be given to all.  We have found some of our dogs blossom when they go into a foster home.  There are more people to walk them, hold them, sleep with in cozy beds!!  We get to learn even more about them.  Our little hospice dogs also get more individual care and attention in a foster home.  Our hospice dogs are permanent foster dogs.  They will remain with their foster home, under the care of the rescue, for the rest of their lives.

What things do volunteers do?

Volunteers can do many things, from spending time with the dogs, to cleaning and organizing, to attending and setting up events.  They can help with new fundraising projects, gathering donations, driving dogs to appointments or events.  As we grow there will be more opportunities.

How much does it cost to adopt, foster, fospice?

Our adoption fee is $200.  On average, every dog we bring in costs about $700 in vet care alone.

Why should I donate to GFA rather than all the other worthy shelters out there?

There are so many worthy shelters out there, and so many that do good things.  I feel one thing that sets us apart is that our dogs are all in a home environment, whether here, at Gray face Acres, or in foster homes.  They have all the comforts of home, plus, we get to know them very well, and are able to get them matched very successfully for adoptions.  We can answer questions about how house trained they are, do they do okay with children, with men, do they have separation anxiety?  We can answer just about any question for inquiring adopter.
We are also an all volunteer rescue, so not one penny donated pays for salaries.  Every penny is for the care of the dogs.

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