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Mylo, 13 Years Old, Neutered Male, Bichon-Jack Russell Terrier Mix, 15lbs

Fostered in Virginia – Adoption Fee $350

Mylo was surrendered to us when his elderly owner became too ill to continue to care for him.  He is a loving dog and enjoys spending time with his adult people.  He loves affection and will nudge your hand with his cute nose to get pets.  Your lap will be his favorite spot!

Mylo needs someone with experience who will keep him on track and make sure he follows the rules.  Like no means no, sit for snackies and when opening a door, and coming when called.  He needs structure and feels confident when there are rules.  He will come to you for reassurance when he doesn’t feel comfortable.  He is responsive to corrections, but his family must be strong leaders.  You will understand and recognize his limits and go slow when needed (i.e. grooming him should be done in stages, and he should not be pushed).  He can be muzzled if needed.

He needs a home without other pets or kids.  He could potentially live with another calm, non-reactive or submissive dog his size if the adopter is confident and experienced.

Mylo is housebroken, crate trained, and doesn’t shed much! He loves affection, a lap to sit in, belly rubs, snackies, and is a good boy!  He just has some limits to be cautious with. This fuzzy boy is ready to join your family and be the best boy for you!


Oliver, 11 Years Old, Neutered Male, Miniature Pinscher Mix, 12 lbs

Fostered in Virginia – Adoption Fee $350

Oliver is an affectionate, laid back boy! He was scared when he first arrived in his foster home but quickly settled in. He gets along well with the other dogs, he doesn’t pay much attention to them. He is somewhat independent and spends much of the day lounging on his own, but periodically comes over for some love, pets, kisses, and cuddles! He has done well with meeting new people. He does well in a crate and seems to be house trained.

Oliver had his vet check-up and is in good shape! He also had a dental cleaning recently.


Zorro, 16 Years Old, Neutered Male, Jack Russell Terrier, 20 lbs

Fostered in Virginia – Adoption Fee $350

Zorro was surrendered to GFA after being in the same home for his whole life. – his family got him from a breeder when he was just 8 weeks old. We are still getting to know him, but he is settling in to his foster home very well so far! He gets along with the other dog in the home and quickly found the toy bin! He is good with kids and came from a home with three 5 year old kids.


Hugo, 8 Years Old, Neutered Male, Chihuahua-Dachshund Mix, 10 lbs

Fostered in Washington D.C. – Adoption Fee $350

Hugo is the sweetest little guy!  He has made so many human and doggy friends since he moved into his foster home.  He gets along well with other dogs, cats and kids are unknown.  He enjoys plenty of naps and hits the hay pretty early.  He sometimes sleeps in a crate, other times loves the dog bed.  He loves vegetables, except spinach!


Hugo is housebroken as long as he has a good routine he can count on.  He is great on leash and loves walkies!  The only thing he hasn’t loved is loud noises: construction trucks, sirens, the blender, and the vacuum. He likes to yell back!


Stay tuned as we learn more.


Lola, 8 Years Old, Spayed Female, Maltese Mix, 12 lbs

Fostered in Virginia – Adoption Fee $350

Lola is a very happy affectionate girl with lots of energy and tons of love to give.  She always wants to be near her person.  She is very smart, learns quickly, and responds to basic commands.  Lola loves walks and sitting by the window to see what’s going on.  She would love someone who is retired or works from home because she loves to be with you.  She can be flexible on that if you work some days at the office, with a mid-day walker.  She is good with kids, but can get excited and can jump.  Cats are unknown.

Lola does well with other dogs her size or smaller, but needs to have some one-on-one time to feel secure. To keep her company, a fur brother or sister dog would be perfect.  Because she enjoys running outside so much, she would love a fenced yard or lots of walks.  She can squeeze through tiny spaces so all fenced areas must be secure.

Lola needs someone who will continue working on her leash manners consistently.  She likes to bark at sounds, so single-family-home life is needed.  She is potty trained and will alert you when she needs to go out, about every 4 hours.  Her silky coat will need to be groomed regularly.

She had a hernia successfully repaired and takes a pill for reflux as needed, but in otherwise good senior health!

She will sleep in bed with you and wake you up with kisses and give you the most joyous greeting every time you come home.   She has so much life and love to share and will brighten your whole world!


Pookie, 14 Years Old, Neutered Male, Shih Tzu Mix, 13 lbs

Fostered in Maryland – Adoption Fee $350

Pookie came to us in very rough shape. He was extremely itchy and covered in mats and urine. Now that he has been cleaned up and is feeling much better, he is a very happy boy!  Pookie is very friendly. He is in a foster home with several other senior dogs and he does well with all of them.  When we introduced him to a cat, he showed no interest.  He hasn’t interacted with children yet, but we believe he would do well, as long as they are gentle and respectful of his age and size.

Pookie absolutely loves mealtime, rides well in the car, and sleeps through the night.  He still has a good amount of pep in his step, but also enjoys nap time.

He has some joint pain, but he is mobile and peppy.  He is in otherwise relatively good health!

Pookie does have potty accidents so he needs someone understanding and willing to work with him on that.  He does well with wearing belly bands (diapers), but he needs an adopter who will potty train him.  He will need routine grooming.

Stay tuned for more!


Kobe, 8 Years Old, Neutered Male, Yorkie Mix, 19 lbs

Fostered in Virginia – Adoption Fee $350

Kobe is new to GFA so we are still getting to know him, but he is settling in well to his foster home. He was surrendered to GFA when his owner went into hospice.

Kobe is calm and quiet and he LOVES belly rubs! He is blind but he navigates pretty well. He is fine with other dogs and doesn’t pay any attention to the other dogs in his foster home. We think he would do fine as the only dog in the home too. He is house trained.

Kobe will get a full check-up at the vet soon. He needs to lose about 3-5 lbs.


Cocoa, 12 Years Old, Spayed Female, Lab Mix, 75 lbs

Fostered in Virginia – Adoption Fee $350

Cocoa is a super sweet and friendly girl who lost her home when her parent went into hospice. She is adjusting well to her foster home and is calm, quiet, and well-mannered. She is currently 64 lbs, but she needs to gain about 10 lbs.

Cocoa is good with the toddler in her foster home but would prefer a quiet home without young kids. She is good with other dogs and has lived with other dogs before, but she is also doing fine in her foster home as the only dog. She is house trained.

Cocoa likes spending time outside sniffing around, taking short walks, and getting belly rubs and back scratches. She walks well on a leash and doesn’t pull, but she is a slow walker as she has arthritis. She seems to be in good health otherwise!


Goldie, 6 Years Old, Spayed Female, Golden Retriever-Chow Mix, 61 lbs (should be 50)

Fostered in Virginia – Adoption Fee $450

Goldie’s foster Mom says it the best: “17 years of fostering and this might be the BEST, EASIEST, HAPPIEST adult dog ever! Someone is going to be a very lucky adopter!”

Goldie was found chained inside a trailer, but she is still so trusting and sweet.  She’s great with everyone, including kids.  She greets you happily but doesn’t jump on you, is gentle, doesn’t bark much, and is very smart!  She is housebroken as long as she has routine she can rely on and can go outside every 4 hours, with pee pads as back up.  She’s calm in the car.

She loves leash walks, which will help her lose some weight, so she needs at least 2-3 miles cumulative a day!  Hanging outside with her people and fur friends is #1, so a fenced yard or patio is a must.  She gets along with dogs, but can be the only child.  Cats are unknown.  She was shaved due to her previous living conditions, but will have a lush, long coat that will need routine grooming.

Goldie is a doll who enjoys getting and giving affection, but is not needy.  She truly is a fantastic companion who deserves a loving home.  Do you want to be the lucky one?


Cavatappi, 8 Years Old, Pending Neuter, Border Collie Mix, 32 lbs

Fostered in Virginia – Adoption Fee $350

Cavatappi is a friendly, laid back dog! He is good with other dogs and gets along with the other dogs in his foster home. He has done great meeting new people, including kids. He is house trained.

Stay tuned as we get to know him better!


*Courtesy Post*

Einstein, 11 yrs old, neutered male, lab/border collie mix, 45 lbs

Elsa, 10 yrs old, spayed female, shepherd/beagle mix, 45 lbs

Located in Northern VA

Einstein and Elsa are in need of a new home as their family is moving overseas in June and cannot take them with them. This is a courtesy post and they are not GFA dogs. If you are interested in them, please submit an online application and we will forward it to their current owner.

Einstein and Elsa are friendly dogs who are good with other dogs and kids. They currently live with a 5 year old child that grew up with them. They have no known health issues and are up to date on vaccines and preventatives and microchipped.

Einstein is playful and active but also loves downtime. He loves puzzle games, playing fetch, and snuggling. He is house trained and prefers not to be crated.

Elsa is very sweet and loves to lounge inside and run around outside. She loves to chase balls, but good luck getting her to bring them back! She is house trained and crate trained.



Tucker, 8 yrs old, neutered male, terrier mix, 18 lbs

Available for adoption through HART

Tucker loves lying outside in the sun, being near his human, getting head and butt scratches, and occasionally playing with toys. He is fine living with other dogs that give him space and he tested well with cats. He is good in his crate and will go in it for meals and bedtime. He startles easily and needs someone that will take the time to understand him.

Visit Tucker’s HART page to submit an adoption application: