Daisy, 12 years old, spayed female, 35lbs, lab mix
Daisy is a healthy older girl who love head rubs and comfy beds.  She would prefer a quiet home with not a lot of hussle and bussle or strangers in and out.  She is a timid girl and is a bit anxious.  She is fully housebroken, enjoys the outdoors and is very laid back.  Daisy is a special old girl who deserves a perfect home to fit her needs.  She needs to be the only dog in the home.

Queen B (Beyonce), 1o years old, spayed female, Boston Terrier, 22 lbs
Queen B is the most perfect old lady.  She has slowed in her old age but still enjoys leisurely strolls and sniffs.  She does very well with other dogs and kids.  She is potty trained, has had extensive diagnostics and a dental with extractions, while with us.  She is a great cuddler and loves a good wiggle on a fluffy carpet.  She is a great dog looking for her great home!


Autumn Valerie, 12 years old, spayed female, Cairn terrier

Meet Autumn Valerie, a very sweet, beautiful 12 year-old, 17 lb, Cairn Terrier.  While she still has plenty of pep in her step and can be playful at times, she also loves lounging in her dog bed. She walks well on a leash, sleeps through the night, rarely barks, loves belly rubs, appears to be potty trained, and is good with other dogs. She would do best with dogs who don’t mind her interacting with them sometimes. (Sometimes she doesn’t understand that her senior foster brothers like their personal space, but she has gotten much better with this.) Autumn Valerie has severe dry eye in her left eye and will need eye medication for the rest of her life. She also has collapsed trachea, which is pretty common in small dogs, and means she needs to be walked with a harness. She strongly dislikes riding in the car and needs calming meds for any somewhat lengthy car ride. She’s also not a big fan of being put in a crate, but she does very well in a dog pen with an open top.

Chumley, 12 years old, neutered male
Sassy Senior Chumley is quite a character! He is an older dog, estimated around 10 years old. Although he only has one tooth remaining, he definitely still has that pep in his step!   He LOVES food and will talk about it when he wants a treat!  Chumley still enjoys romping thru the grass and playing with his toys. He has done well with smaller dogs but seems to be intimidated and acts out around most dogs lareger than him.  He is potty trained and good on leash.  He’s a funny, very rotund guy!  Chumley would do fine in a home or an apartment but he may not be able to do too many stairs on his own.

Chanel, shih tzu, 12 years old, female, 15 lbs
Chanel is an absolute joy! This sweet girl is thought to be around 12 years young and was found wandering the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. She must have belonged to someone at some point because she is always happy to see you and enjoys being around people, including children. It is unknown how she is with cats but she seems to do well with other dogs after taking some time to get to know them. Chanel loves walks and enjoys being outside in the sun which is a good thing since she is a little overweight for her size. She is also extremely vocal and is not afraid to use her voice to get what she wants (pets, people food or walks) or when she is excited! Chanel has a gland mass that we will remove and then she will be in great shape.  She is a happy girl with lots of love to give!

Estrella, 11 years old, Pomeranian, spayed female
She is just the cutest girl! She has very few teeth so her tongue hangs out.  She has advanced cataracts and is completely blind but manages to get around.  She does well with other dogs and really enjoys a cozy bed.

Stay tuned as we learn more

Jett, 13 years old, neutered male, Shih Tzu, 18lbs

Meet Jett, a very sweet 14 year-old Shih Tzu. He is about 18 lbs. Jett is potty trained and good with other dogs. (We suspect he would be good with cats too.) He enjoys taking snoozes throughout the day and relaxing with his people. He isn’t shy and will bark to tell you when he wants something!

Jett has severe dry eye that we’re looking into further and treating. He will need medication for the rest of his life. He appears to be blind in his right eye. He also appears to be deaf. He would do best in a home with minimal stairs — or someone who is willing to carry him.

Jett still has plenty of love to give!

Champ, Pit Bull Terrier, 14 years old, neutered male, 60lbs
Champ was surrendered to the shelter very late in life and is looking for a home to call his own! This old boy loves to give and receive affection and will demand it with a head nudge! He does not have a lot of house manners so we are working on teaching him whats appropriate for dogs of his size and age! He does very well with other dogs, big and small but seems TOO interested in cats. He was just recently neutered and had a mass removed. He has some hind end weakness and would benefit from a home with minimal stairs for him. He doesn’t hear very well, but he deserves the love and peace of a furever home!


Alice, female, hound mix, 10 years old, 40lbs
This girl is 100% pure sunshine. She came to us from a 4 hour car ride and walked right into our home and our hearts like she’s been here all long! She loves our 3 kiddos ages 10, 8 and 6. Could care less about the cats. Has no issue with protecting her toys or food or personal space. Walks in no hurry on the leash. Wags her tail 24/7. Loves to sleep. No accidents so far and no issues hanging out in her crate until we come home from work. I recommend crating/confining when she needs to be unsupervised as she is a counter surfer and just HAS to know what’s on the tables/kitchen counters because she’s pretty sure you must be hiding the chewie sticks up there! 10/10 would recommend, you need this girl to brighten every moment of every day!

Nicky, 12 years old, neutered male, ~6lbs

Nicky is a sweet old man that loves to snuggle.  He spends most of his time sleeping and would love to be in your arms.  He needs frequent potty breaks and a belly bands.  He gets along with other dogs but should be fed away from others as he can resource guard his food.  He has only one tooth and his eyes and ears needed treatment.  He has pretty severe arthitis in his neck so he has meds for that and benefits from a raised bowl.  He is not playful but very loving!

Nicky is looking for a quiet, affectionate family

Holley, spayed female, 9 years old, Westie

Holley is diabetic but has been improving everyday, now, with insulin and TLC.    She does well with dogs and seems to be house broken.  She is a quiet, mellow girl but still wags when a new friend enters the room.

Stay tuned as we learn more

Buddy, 13 years old, neutered male, Cattle dog mix, 30 lbs


Buddy came to use from a rural shelter after being turned in by an elderly owner.  He arrived a little under weight and needs some denatl care but he is VERY sweet.  He is gentle and slow and looking for a loving retirement home.

Stay tuned as we learn more


Carly, Cocker Spaniel, female, 11lbs

Sweet little Carly came to us after being diagnosed with canine megaesophagus.  She has to have a strcit routine during and after meal times, but lives a happy normal life.  She gets along great dogs and cats and loves to snuggle.  We are working on getting a little more weight on her but she is doing very well so far and will receive a Bailey’s Chair to help hold her up during meals.  https://www.baileychairs4dogs.com/

Stay tuned as we learn more

Ing, Chow Chow, neutered male, 10 years old, 56 lbs

Ing came to us after ending up back in the shelter he was adopted from but this time he is terribly arthritic, obese and was horribly matted.  We got him straight to the groomer and vet to get him on track.   He is very friendly with people and dogs and loves to give kises with his signature show black tongue.  He moves around slowly but enjoys himself.  He is housebroken with a good routine.  He has to be sedated for vetting but we hope he improves as we treat his painful arthritis.

Stay tuned as we learn more1

Tiffany, Shih Tzu mix, spayed female, ~8 years old, 16lbs

Tiffany was turned in to the shelter after she was left back when her family moved.  She was horribly matted and had to be shaved down and we discovered her skin in pretty poor shape.  She is very laid back and calm, gets along great with dogs, minds her own business.  She is housebroken and good on a leash.

Stay tuned as we learn more

Star, Chihuahua, female, ~13 years old, 7lbs

Star was surrendered after apparently not getting along with children in the home.  We hae not experienced that and she has been happy and friendly with everyone she meets.  She came with a very large inguinal hernia that had to be repaired and she had to be spayed.  She is housebroken, does well on leash and has done well with dogs.  She is laid back and would enjoy a home that is quiet and loving.  She loves to burrom under blankets and always likes to have an eye on her people.

Old Man Jack, Jack Russell Terrier, neutered male, ~9 years old, 10lbs

Poor Old Man was surrendered when his medical needs became more that his human could handle.  He needed extensive dental work as soon as he arrived.  He doesnt hear to well and sight maybe not be great either, but he is a kind, spunky little guy!  He does well with other dogs,  he is housebroken and spends most of his time just hanging out!

Stay tuned as we learn more

Waffle, spayed female, poodle, 8 years old, 10lbs

Sweet Waffle has had it rough for too long.  Before she came to GFA she was found wondering in Baltimore City, dirty and matted so badly she couldn’t open her eyes.  Once she was shaved donw, it was revealed, just how bad her eyes and skin were.  She is completely blind but can still hear well.  She is very quiet but enjoys pets and loves her comfy bed.  Her eyes are being treated but may need to be removed.  She is housebroken and does well with other dogs.

Stay tuned as we learn more

Bobby, neutered male, Pomeranian mix,  ~11 years old

Bobby was turned in by his owner stating the dog and cat were fighting.  He came in with a horrible fungal infection and kennel cough and had to spend the first week in the hospital being treated.  He has a collapsing trachea and is on medication to help eleviate his cough.  He is housebroken and does well with dogs.  He can be a picky eater, but he is ont he mend and getting the good GFA TLC

Stay tuned as we learn more

Gilbert, neutered male, Yorkie,  12 years old, ~5 lbs

Sweet old Gilbert was found as a stray, very weak and very sad.  He has enjoyed compfy beds in the sun and eats well.  We are getting him to the vet as soon as we can.  He is a sweet boy and does well with dogs/

Stay tuned as we learn more