Heidi, 17 Years Old, Spayed Female, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 20lbs

Fluffy, 14 Years Old, Spayed Female, Shih Tzu, 15lbs

Fostered in Virginia

LOVE *2.  Heidi and Fluffy must be adopted together.  These two sweethearts had it rough for many years, but they always had each other!

Heidi is very sweet. Her back legs are unstable and she falls often, but she can get around on her own for short spurts.  She needs help getting back up and to stabilize. She is learning to use a wheelchair for longer periods of play time, she doesn’t need it to get around or go potty.  She is hand-fed to keep her floppy ears clean and so feeding time isn’t so long. She’s a great eater! After eating, her face is cleaned with a damp towel.  She is housebroken as long as you let her out after meals and a few times a day as she will not signal. She will try to go to the door, but won’t bark.  After going potty, her underside needs to be wiped clean with a damp towel since her weak legs make her squat really low. Other sanitary areas should be kept clean, but that’s with all pups! She cannot do stairs and must be helped up and down furniture. She’s easy to carry.  Hardwood floors are also tough, so rugs would be nice.  She’s good with cats, dogs, and kids that are respectful of her special needs. She takes pills for her arthritis and a severe heart murmur. Her heart will need to be monitored for signs like coughing. Heidi is a quiet, gentle gal who sleeps a lot and just needs a safe, comfy home and nurturing family. Her sweet demeanor will melt your heart 24/7. Once you have your routine, you’ll see she’s pretty easy. If you love nurturing, she is perfect for you!

Fluffy is an active and loving gal who loves to hang out and sniff around the yard. Her ears are almost closed completely due to past ear issues that weren’t treated. She has diminished hearing, but a great sniffer and good vision. We are exploring possibly doing surgery if it will help her, but she isn’t bothered by them at all. Fluffy will bark when she’s lonely, but will stop. Still, she and Heidi prefer someone who is a homebody and is retired and/or works from home.  Fluffy is good with stairs, eating on her own, and is playful with other dogs she knows, especially little ones. A home with another dog is preferred so Fluffy can have another friend that’s a bit more active than Heidi. Fluffy takes eye drops for dry eye and ointment for her ears.

A single family home with a fenced yard is ideal so both dogs can go out together. Heidi can’t go on leash walks.

If you think double LOVE bugs are in the cards for you, please complete an adoption application.  These are truly special girls, looking for a special home.


Chloe, 11 Years Old, Female (spay pending medical clearance), Pom-chi, 25lbs

Fostered in Virginia

Chloe is a really good girl. Quiet, but full of spunk! She just wants to be with her family. She enjoys short walks, late night movie watching, and chasing squirrels. She loves snackies and belly rubs. Chloe gets along with dogs as long as there isn’t a high value treat nearby, as she may growl but not bite. She will need a home where we are comfortable that she will get along with the resident dogs and thrive. She’s great with older kids and tries to get in on play time. She has Cushings disease but it is totally managed with one daily pill.
Please complete an adoption application and open your home and heart to this awesome lady.


Mylo, 13 Years Old, Neutered Male, Cairn Terrier, 15lbs

Fostered in Virginia

Mylo was surrendered to us when his elderly owner became too ill to continue to care for him.  He can be a loving dog but can also be unpredictable.  He needs someone with experience and patience with a reactive dog.  Since coming to us, he has been working hard on his good behavior in his foster home.  He is dog selective and he would do best in a home without dogs and he should not live with kids.  He is housebroken and getting used to his crate training.


Foxy, 11 Years Old, Male (Neuter Pending), Long Hair Chihuahua, 6lbs

Foxy is cute as a bug and sweeter than sweet. He lives with other small dogs and children that are respectful of seniors. He is social and makes friends every time he goes out. He is a picky eater, and needs to gain a little weight, which is Foster Mama is working on. So, patience and willingness to work with this is necessary. He has stage 1 kidney disease, which means a special diet that is low in protein and phosphorus. He eats prescription food and specially-ordered frozen food that needs to be continued. He prefers human food, but absolutely cannot be offered anything other than kidney-disease-friendly food.

He is going to be neutered soon, and currently does mark occasionally. He will need to work on potty training in his new home, with a routine of going outside he can rely on. He will use a pee pad, but not reliably. He sometimes signals to go out, but not each time. Foxy needs a furry friend that is calm, preferably one his size-ish. Calm larger dogs may work as well. Cats are unknown. He can be obsessed with some female dogs, which we hope will get better after a neuter. But we would need to do a meet & greet with any female dogs before adoption.

He doesn’t know how to jump off furniture. If he is put on furniture, he MUST be watched the entire time and helped down or he will just walk off the edge! And since he’s tiny, he can easily get hurt if he does this! A ramp could work with some training. If unsure, you should just not let him on furniture until he can be trusted/trained to use a ramp. He cannot be crated or confined in a small space. When you leave, he should be able to stay in the same room as his fur friend for comfort. He will always want to be with you or his fur friend when you’re home. He sleeps through the night and naps a lot during the day. Very affectionate!

If you have a nice dog friend and room for lots of love, he’s your boy!


Wolfie, 13 Years Old, Neutered Male, Corgi-Collie Mix, 16lbs

Fostered in Virginia

Wolfie is short for Wolfgang Mozart because he loves classical music!  He is as cute as can be!  He has short legs, a long body, and a disproportionately big adorable head.  He is working on potty training for #1 (he is great for #2), so wears a belly band inside.  He can get worked up sometimes and starts barking, then gets growly, and bares teeth.  He needs time to calm down or he can start air snapping. That can escalate to head whipping so you just have to let him chill out.  He calms down relatively quickly. He LOVES food so treats easily distract him. He is a very good dog, but this quirk can be scary until you figure him out and you do need to understand and be patient with him.  He was found as a stray so who knows what he has endured.  We think the longer he is in a family/ home environment where he feels safe, this will improve but always be something to watch.

Wolfie has hypothyroidism, so he takes a pill every day.  We are hoping that once this is controlled and his thyroid levels are back to normal, his behavior will improve.

Wolfie can bark very loudly when he is separated from you or wants attention.  He does settle down when he realizes he won’t be rewarded for that. He rides in the car well most of the time, but does need to be in a lap since he barks when he’s insecure. He will look to you for confidence and follow you around.

He does well with other dogs.  Cats are unknown. He needs a calm, quiet home without kids.  His love of treats makes him too excited, so we offer treats in our palm.  He also enjoys puzzles, massages, smooth gentle pets, ear rubs, and belly rubs.  When he rolls on his back for you, it’s very very cute.

Wolfie has a head tilt and his back legs are weak due to neurological issues in his spine.  This may also improve once the thyroid is managed.  He is very mobile, but walks should be limited to 15 minutes to be safe.  The head tilt causes no issues, except making him irresistible!

His resume may seem long, but he really is going to make a special person a really loyal companion for life!  He needs love, understanding, patience, and kindness.  Please submit an application for this unique boy!


Julie, 13 Years Old, Spayed Female, Pomeranian Mix, 19lbs

Fostered in Virginia

Julie is a friendly, happy girl and is very loving and affectionate!  She seems to like everyone she meets.  Julie has been with us for longer than usual, and we really can’t figure out why!  She’s perfect! She gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home and while we haven’t seen her with cats and kids, we think she would do fine with them. She loves to snuggle, play, and go on walks or spend time in the yard. While we think she is about 13, she still has plenty of pep and has a great medium energy level. It seems that she was well-loved and cared for before coming to GFA, but sadly, her owner passed away and there was no one else to take her in.

Julie is house-trained and will let you know when she needs to go outside. She is also crate-trained, but she does fine at night and while home alone without being crated. She is happy to curl up and sleep in her dog bed in her foster mom’s room at night. She does great on a leash.

She has a cataract in her left eye, but it doesn’t appear to affect her vision a great deal. Her last urinalysis showed some crystals, so she is eating a special diet just to prevent bladder stones. She is in otherwise good health!

Julie’s foster mom says “an adopter will be very fortunate to be her forever family. She’s a gentle soul and a real doll.” We agree that Julie is a gem! She doesn’t ask for much, just wants to be safe and loved.


Bandit, 15 Years Old, Neutered Male, Shih Tzu, 12lbs

Fostered in Maryland

Bandit is one of the cutest little guys we have ever seen!  He was surrendered by owners that didn’t have time for him due to their own circumstances.  He had not been outside in over a year before we took him under our wing!  He is a very good, quiet, low-key boy. He’s great with other dogs and most likely with cats, as long as they respect his very low vision. He sleeps through the night and is potty trained as long as he is let out as needed.  He doesn’t really signal, so frequent breaks until you get his routine is the best bet.

Bandit has stage 3 kidney disease, COPD/chronic bronchitis, elevated pancreas levels, heart disease, and dry eye. He will need to be on heart, COPD, and eye medications the rest of his life (pills and drops).  He eats a prescription diet mixed 50% with white rice to manage his concurrent kidney disease and pancreatitis. Bandit eats 3 small meals a day. He’s very low-vision and hard of hearing, but will learn your layout and do just fine.  He needs either a retired or work from home situation to live out the rest of  his days in peace and comfort.

Despite all that Bandit has going on, he looks forward to meal time and enjoys a combination of naps and laps around the house. Everyone falls in love with this guy!  If you are a great caretaker and love providing support to a gentle, senior pup, please apply!


Misty, 9 Years Old, Female (spay pending), Japanese Chin, 7lbs

Fostered in Virginia

Coming soon! Misty is an extremely sweet dog who loves to cuddle and be loved. She is special needs (eyes, heart). She takes pills and eye drops and will need ongoing eye and heart monitoring by a veterinarian as her issues progress. She prefers a stay-at-home adopter who is able to nurture her and give her everything she needs.


James Bond (JB), 11 Years Old, Neutered Male, Rat Terrier, 13lbs

Fostered in Virginia

James, aka JB, is housebroken, terrific on leash, curious, happy, sweet, sleeps through the night, and affectionate. He loves going on walks to explore. He lets you know he has to go out by either panting and/or sitting by the front door. He’s great with dogs, big and small. Cats and kids are unknown. He LOVES ear scratches, belly rubs, fake fur blankets, and cuddles. When he gets his scratches and rubs, he closes his eyes, sticks his tongue out, and is in heaven.

JB is playful with toys and quickly figured out what a snuffle mat is. He appreciates the cheers and “good boys” when he finds the hidden treat.

JB sets his wake up time to yours and is happy to sleep in as long as he’s curled up next to you. He’s a little unsure of going up a staircase, but he will do it. He gets a running start and powers himself up the stairs! True to rat terrier personality, he’s independent and wants to go up and down stairs by himself. He is fine being carried, too. We think he would be great in a house or apartment, as he hasn’t been barky.  He would love a fur sibling, but it’s not required as long as he gets lots of love and attention from his people.  Are you his people?  He’s waiting for you!