PaPa, 15 years old, male, Shih Tzu, 14lbs

Fostered in Maryland

Papa is a 15-year-old, 14 lb, Shih Tzu. He is a very sweet, low-key boy. He is good with other dogs and would most likely be good with cats. He spends most of the day sleeping in a cozy dog bed or next to his person on the couch, but happily wakes up for meal time. He also loves belly rubs!

Papa is hard of hearing. He’s also blind and has dry eyes which require medication a few times a day. He does well getting his eye medication. While he still walks some, he isn’t the most mobile/sturdy fella anymore and can’t do stairs. However, he does very well with being carried. Papa also does very well going potty outside as long as he’s let out regularly.

If you’re looking for a very sweet, elderly senior to love on, this is your guy!

Chuck, 13 years old,  neutered male, Golden Retriever Mix, 46lbs

Fostered in Maryland

Chuck is a 12 year old hard of hearing retriever mix with a face you just wanna smooch. He’s a sweet loving boy who loves to tag along on any adventure you go on, especially if it is outside. Mister Chuck loves walks but is still getting used to his new harness. In the house he wants to be in the know at all times with an occasional snooze here and there. You will always find him by your side in the kitchen looking for some snackies! Mister Chuck is still learning how to take treats gently all the time, but is improving daily. He would prefer a home with a fenced yard where he can do his business after inspecting the perimeter of the yard! He loves to romp around with his fur sister and foster momma giving occasional kisses. Chuck does great with other dogs but is unsure of cats. He has no issues when left alone in the house. All around Mister Chuck would be an amazing addition to most homes but would prefer a home without small children. He’s a loving sweet boy looking for his forever home. Might that be you?

Ikhanna, 12 years old, neutered male, Pekinese/Pomeranian, 11 lbs

Fostered in Virginia


Handsome Ikhanna is a sweet, happy boy, who loves his time outside, but is just as happy inside with belly rubs and naps.  He is friendly with other dogs, large and small and has done well with children and cats.  He is quiet and laid-back and a great companion and loves to snuggle. Although he is blind due to cataracts, he quickly learns the lay of the land and the route of his walks and he definately knows where the treats are kept. He is housebroken and will use a pee pad if needed. He sleeps through the night and prefers his own dog bed. He is still active and loves his walks and needs support with his leash manners.  Overall he is in great shape.  He does have some sensitivity in his hindend, which is to be expected, but it does not slow him down!

Goliath, 9 years old, Neutered Male, Heeler/Pyrenese mix, 68lbs 

Fostered in Maryland

Handsome Goliath came to us as a transfer from a horrific “rescue gone wrong” but we have been so lucky to have him.  He is a timid, cautious boy but loyal and loving once he has a chance to feel out the humans.  It will take a while for him to feel safe and confident, so he needs a compassionate, understanding adopter who will let him settle in slowly at his own pace.  Once he bonds, he wants to stay by your side and always at your feet.  He has done well with dogs, big and small, but they must be passive, calm dogs.  Or he can be an only child.  He is just fine with cats.  He walks well on leash and loves bounding around the yard and rolling in the grass.  A home without children would be best.   He wants to please but needs patience from someone willing and has the experience to manage how sensitive he is, especially since he is a big guy.  He is a healthy boy, in great shape, and looking for his perfect home.

Mylo, 13 years old, neutered male, Cairn Terrier, 15 lbs

Fostered in Virginia

Mylo was surrendered to us when his elderly owner became too ill to continue to care for him.  He can be a loving dog but can also be unpredictable.  He needs someone with experience and patience with a reactive dog.  Since coming to us, he has been working hard on his good behavior in his foster home.  He is dog selective and he would do best in a home without dogs and he should not live with kids.  He is housebroken and getting used to his crate training.

Rocky, 13 years old, Neutered Male, Chocolate Lab, 70 lbs

Fostered in Maryland

If you are looking for a distinguished older gentleman with a bit of a goofy side, Rocky might be the dog for you! Rocky is a sweet and happy 12-13 year old chocolate lab mix. In true lab style he hasn’t met a human he isn’t willing to befriend or a treat he isn’t willing to eat. After introductions, he gets along well with other dogs of all sizes but has not been tested with cats.  Due to his age Rocky does have weakness and arthritis in his rear legs and occasionally requires help to get up and down. With assistance he can do 1-2 steps but Rocky’s ideal home would not require him to navigate a flight of stairs. He has some hearing loss but is not completely deaf though sometimes waving is the best way to get his attention in the yard.  Rocky does not let any of these things slow him down. When he’s excited there are lots of happy tapping feet and he adores a stuffed toy. He loves being outside and enjoys short, slow walks with plenty of time to sniff.

Chloe, 11 years old, female, Pom-chi, 25lbs

Fostered in Virgina

Chloe is a quiet gal, but full of spunk!  She came needing some medical attention and a weight lose plan but has done really well as she has acclimated in her foster home.  She enjoys chasing squirrels and has gotten along with all other dogs shes met.  She is a bit shy but has done well with kids and adults, as long as she is given some patience.  We are still working on sorting out her medical needs but this sweet girl would make a great part of any family.

Georgie, 8 years old, Female, Chihuahua, 5 lbs

Fostered in Virgina

Georgie is your typical, strong-willed yet needy chihuahua.  She LOVES to be held and snuggled and as soon as you earn her trust, she will be ready for a belly rub!   She asserts her chihuahua dominance but has done well with other dogs in her foster home, as long as she gets dibs on the nearest human’s lap!  She prefers to be held but does walk well on leash.  She has been good at pottying outside too!  She needs to be spayed but will be ready for her new home  shortly!

Buddy, 12 years old, neutered male, Daschaund, 14 lbs

Fostered in Virgina

Buddy is a sweet 13 year old soul who isn’t afraid to tell you what he wants, whether it’s treats or snuggles, he just wants to be where you are. This little red dog enjoys the company of other dogs, especially when they are causing mischief and finding treats! Not crazy about kids but would be okay with older children. He walks slowly but its just his swagger! Buddy gives very slight signs he needs to go out so its best to give frequent potty breaks and a belly band (Male diaper) for longer periods of time. Belly rubs are his very favorite! Stay tuned as we learn more about Buddy!

Mr. Magoo, 15, Male, Jack Russel, 20lbs

Coming Soon

Leo, 9, Male, Shih Tzu, 23lbs