Daisy, 12 years old, spayed female, 35lbs, lab mix
Daisy is a healthy older girl who love head rubs and comfy beds.  She would prefer a quiet home with not a lot of hussle and bussle or strangers in and out.  She is a timid girl and is a bit anxious.  She is fully housebroken, enjoys the outdoors and is very laid back.  Daisy is a special old girl who deserves a perfect home to fit her needs.  She needs to be the only pet in the home and would do best in a home with a yard.

Chumley,  Basset mix, 10 years old, neutered male, 30lbs
Chumley is quite a character! He was a stray but is estimated to be around 10 years old. Although he only has one tooth remaining, he definitely still has that pep in his step!   He LOVES food and will let you know if he wants a treat!  Chum LOVES his stuffies and always has a toy or two near by.  He would do best as an only dog.  He is potty trained and good on leash.  He is very sweet and full of personality.  Chumley would do fine in a home or an apartment and will be sure to bring lots o joy!  He’s the perfect family man.

Baxter, 12 years old, neutered male, Jack Russell Terrier mix, 15lbs
Baxter is a friendly boy with a lot of personality.  He loves toys, sometimes too much for his own good!  He does well with other dogs but should be supervised with food and toys.  He is housebroken and does well on leash. His tiny legs are super cute as he trots around.  He came to us with a nasty mass on his anus that was removed at the time of his neuter.  He is a happy boy and in great shape now.  He is full of spunk and would benefit from someone that takes on a strong pack leader role.  Once he gets to know you, he is all cuddles.

Stay tuned as we learn more

Annabelle, Pit Bull Terrier, 7 years old, spayed female, 50lbs


Annabelle came to us as a stray found in a busy DC neighborhood. She was completely emaciated, presented with mutliple mammory masses, in-tact and now diagnosed with diabetes. Nonetheless, she is sweet as can be. She did well with dogs during her eval and has been nothing but love in her foster home. She is housebroken and walks well on leash.  She needs to continue to put on weight and we are working to manage her diabetes.  She will need insulin injections twice a day.

Henry, West higland Terrier mix, 15 years old, netuered male, 20lbs


Old Man Jack, Jack Russell Terrier, 10 years old, neutered male, 9lbs

Jack came to us with horribly infected teeth so much so, his face swelled up.  We got him neutered and addressed his teeth and treated what seems like a chronic ear infections.  With some TLC, he warms up nicely and really loves his humans.  He does not see well and can be startled when picked up, but gets around well.  He does well with dogs but since he is blind, the other dog needs to be patient when he wanders.  He is housebroken and does okay on leash but would prefer a yard.  He would not do well in a home with children.

Rosie, Miniature Pinscher, 10 years old, spayed female, 8lbs

Beautiful Rose came from a situation of severe neglect.  She was brought to the shelter where they treated all her needs, including a spay, hernia repair and long overdue nail trim.  She has been timid but friendly and loving.  She has done well with dogs, large and small and pretty much ignores them.   She is said to have done well with dogs and cats in her prior home and we think she would do fine with older kids.

Lenny, poodle mix, male, ~11 years old, 5lbs

Lenny is a very small and very friendly gentleman.  He needs to see a cardiologist before he an be neutered or we address his yucky teeth.  He also has some nueological deficits that have improved but may need to be addressed.  Despite his medical concerns, he is such a happy, sweet boy.  He does well with other dogs but really just wants attention from his humans.  He loves to be held and with you at all times.   He needs to go out a few times a day and would do best in a home where someone is home often.  Becuase he is wobbly and not super steady on his feet, a home with limited stairs is best.

Stay Tuned as we learn more

Bitsy, 7 years old, chihuahua mix, 9lbs


Alfie, 10 yeas old, Dachshund, male,10 lbs

Alfie came to us missing most of his hair with a bacterial and fungal infection.  Despite his tough journey, he is very kind and gentle and loves attention.  He does well with other dogs but would be happy to have the human attention all to himself.  He is housebroken and walks well on leash, although does enjoy sniffing through the yard.  He is pee pad trained as well but not crate trained. He does like to voice his opinions sometimes.

Waylon, 8 years old, Male, Coonhound, 60 lbs

Waylon was a stray found runnin thru a Hunt club in southern VA.   He is super friendly, great with dogs and will make a great family dog!  He needs to be neutered and has some lumps that need to be addressed.  He may have been a working dog, living outside, so he needs help and patience as he acclimates to the good life, inside a loving home.


Stay Tuned as we learn more!

Little Lady, 13 years old, spayed female, Jack Russell Terrier mix, ~15 lbs

Little Lady is slow and steady and really enjoys to nap by your side.  She came in as a stray so her history is a mystery.  She has done well with other dogs, mostly ignoring them and also has done well with children.  She is housebroken and behaves well in the home.  She moves very slowly so she would do better in a home with a yard.  She willl need a dental and then will be in search for her forever home.

Gizmo, 12 years old, neutered male, Shih Tzu, ~14 lbs

Meet Gizmo, a sweet 12 year-old, 14 pound Shih Tzu.  He is potty trained and good with other dogs. He is blind (glaucoma). He would prefer a relatively calm home with minimal stairs (or someone who can carry him). He would also prefer a home with no kids and where someone can be home a decent amount of the time. He has done an excellent job learning his new surroundings in his foster home. He does have spurts of barking — whether it be wanting to know his people are nearby or excitement for meal time. He loves laying next to his people on the couch and rear-end scratches. He also rides great in the car. He is not a fan of crates. His foster parents baby gate him in a room when they have to leave although he could potentially be left out too, as he hasn’t ever had a potty accident in their house.


Gizmo will soon have his left eye removed and will be recovering from that. His right eye will need medication and periodic ophthalmologist appointments for the rest of his life.

Maggie Mae, 14 years old, female, Pug, 20  lbs

This sweet pug muffin needed a lot of medical attention when she arrived, but was still the happiest gal!  She has a very large bladder stone, horrible teeth and severe hind end weakness.  She has surgery planned to remove the stone and perform a dental cleaing and we think this will help her a great deal.  She may need to wear a diaper, due to the damage done by a bladder stone, but she does still go outside and enjoys wandering around slowly.  Shes a happy girl looking for cuddles and of course, snacks!  She would do best where someone is home a lot to help her stay safe and clean.   She will likely need to be carried to the yard or outside.  A yard would be ideal.

Bree, 13 years old,  female, Pomeranian, 12  lbs

Bree is friendly but pretty aloof.  She ignores other dogs and cats and spends most of her time napping in a comfy spot.  She needs to go outside pretty often but is pee pad trained and enjoys outside potty breaks.  She does not hear very well.  She is not spayed and has some very infected teeth that need to be addressed.

Stay Tuned as we learn more

Dixie Bell, 10 years old,  female, Chihuahua, 10  lbs

Dixie Bell is the sweetest thing, full of love and affection! She was surrendered alng with another, larger dogs, when her owners became homeless.  Despite a hard like and minimal vetting, Dixie still loves people and warms up quickly. Dixie Bell is potty-trained and is a dream on a leash! She has a habit of slowing down only to make sure you’re right there beside her. Dixie Bell has lived with another dog before and seems to get along with them just fine and she is said to do well with cats although we have not had her with cats. She is still full of energy and enjoys walks but also really enjoys her treats.  She is s little overweight and will need a good helthy diet to help her get to an ideal size.   If you’re looking for the perfect cuddly buddy and loving companion, Dixie Bell is it!