Heidi, 17 Years Old, Spayed Female, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 20lbs

Fluffy, 14 Years Old, Spayed Female, Shih Tzu, 15lbs

Fostered in Virginia

LOVE *2.  Heidi and Fluffy must be adopted together.  These two sweethearts had it rough for many years, but they always had each other!

Heidi is very sweet. Her back legs are unstable and she falls often, but she can get around on her own for short spurts.  She needs help getting back up and to stabilize.  A sling is used to help her around as needed, but she doesn’t like it much so she ends up toddling around a bit. She is learning to use a wheelchair for longer periods of play time.  She eats lying down and is hand-fed to keep her floppy ears clean and so feeding time isn’t so long. She’s a great eater! After eating, her face is cleaned with a damp towel.  She is housebroken as long as you let her out after meals and a few times a day as she will not signal. She will try to go to the door, but won’t bark.  After going potty, her underside needs to be wiped clean with a damp towel since her weak legs make her squat really low. Other sanitary areas should be kept clean, but that’s with all pups! She cannot do stairs and must be helped up and down furniture. She’s easy to carry.  Hardwood floors are also tough, so rugs would be nice.  She’s good with cats, dogs, and kids that are respectful of her special needs. She takes pills for her arthritis and a severe heart murmur. Her heart will need to be monitored closely. Heidi is a quiet, gentle gal who sleeps a lot and just needs a safe, comfy home and nurturing family. Her sweet demeanor will melt your heart 24/7. Once you have your routine, you’ll see she’s pretty easy. If you love nurturing, she is perfect for you!

Fluffy is an active and loving gal who loves to hang out and sniff around the yard. Her ears are almost closed completely due to past ear issues that weren’t treated. She has diminished hearing, but a great sniffer and good vision. We are exploring possibly doing surgery if it will help her, but she isn’t bothered by them at all. Fluffy will bark when she’s lonely, but will stop. Still, she and Heidi prefer someone who is a homebody and is retired and/or works from home.  Fluffy is good with stairs, eating on her own, and is playful with other dogs she knows, especially little ones. A home with another dog is preferred so Fluffy can have another friend that’s a bit more active than Heidi. Fluffy takes eye drops for dry eye and ointment for her ears.

A single family home with a fenced yard is ideal so both dogs can go out together. Heidi can’t really go on leash walks.

If you think double LOVE bugs are in the cards for you, please complete an adoption application.  These are truly special girls, looking for a special home.

Margaret, 12 Years old, Spayed Female, Glen of Imaal Terrier, 27lbs


Fostered in Virginia

Margaret’s owners both died within a few months of each other. She was loved and cared for for 12 years. She is housebroken as long as you let her out regularly. She gets along well with all dogs and cats. She is super cute when she plays. She has not been kid-tested.  Like most of us, Margaret is shedding the extra 5 pounds she doesn’t need. She can only do a couple stairs, so one-level living is best unless you can carry her safely. Like most seniors, she has arthritis which can be managed with a typical anti-inflammatory and joint supplement. She has dental disease which will be taken care of.  She has a 3/6 heart murmur, with no treatment needed but must be monitored.  Margaret is not only a rare breed of dog, her adorableness is also extraordinary! Please complete an adoption application to give this senior a furever home.

Chloe, 11 Years Old, Spayed Female, Pom-chi, 25lbs

Fostered in Virgina

Chloe is a really good girl. Quiet, but full of spunk! She just wants to be with her family. She enjoys short walks, late night movie watching, and chasing squirrels.  She loves snackies and belly rubs.  Chloe gets along with dogs and kids and tries to get in on play time.  She has been diagnosed with Cushings disease but it is well controlled with one daily pill.  Her numbers have been staying consistent so she doesn’t have to go back to the vet until October for a recheck. Please complete an adoption application and open your home and heart to this awesome lady.

Taco, 9 Years Old, Neutered male, Chihuahua Mix, 9 lbs

Fostered in Virginia

Taco is a sweet, snuggly, and mellow boy! He is doing great in his foster home and gets along with the other dogs and cats in the home. He loves snuggling, napping, and lying in the sun. Taco is house trained, well-mannered, and walks well on a leash. Taco would love a home where he isn’t alone very much, as he loves being with his people! His foster mom adores him and says he is very sweet and deserves a great home with soft beds and kisses!

Mylo, 13 Years Old, Neutered Male, Cairn Terrier, 15lbs

Fostered in Virginia

Mylo was surrendered to us when his elderly owner became too ill to continue to care for him.  He can be a loving dog but can also be unpredictable.  He needs someone with experience and patience with a reactive dog.  Since coming to us, he has been working hard on his good behavior in his foster home.  He is dog selective and he would do best in a home without dogs and he should not live with kids.  He is housebroken and getting used to his crate training.

Buddy, 12 Years Old, Neutered Male, Dachshund, 14lbs

Fostered in Virginia

Buddy is a sweet 13 year old soul who isn’t afraid to tell you what he wants, whether it’s treats or snuggles, he just wants to be where you are. This little red dog enjoys the company of other dogs, especially when they are causing mischief and finding treats! Not crazy about kids but would be okay with older children. He walks slowly but its just his swagger! Buddy gives very slight signs he needs to go out so its best to give frequent potty breaks and a belly band (male diaper) for longer periods of time. Belly rubs are his very favorite! He has hyperparathyroidism and bladder stones related to that, but an upcoming surgery should take care of both. Stay tuned as we learn more about Buddy!

Mr. Magoo, 15 Years Old, Neutered Male, Jack Russel Terrier, 20lbs

Fostered in Virginia

This wonderful guy is deaf and mostly blind (maybe sees shadows). More importantly: He’s a sweet boy with frolic in him who needs someone special so he can forget his past struggles as a lonely stray in West Virginia. He gets along well with other dogs in his foster home, except for occasional grumpy “get off my lawn” snarls when they bump him. He totally ignores the cats or lets them rub on him sometimes. He must be taken out every three to to four hours for potty breaks. He sleeps a lot. He does get spunky when he’s pet, but he doesn’t like cuddling. He has learned the layout of his foster home well, and understands family routines. Is he the perfect dog for you? Please apply!

Gracie, 10 Years Old, Spayed Female, Terrier Mix, 11lbs


Fostered in Virginia

Gracie is a spunky, sweet gal that was found as a stray. She is housebroken and great with dogs big and small. We don’t know about kids or cats, but we think she would be fine.  She does not like being crated or confined in small areas, but has no issues in a kitchen or similar space when you’re away. She navigates stairs up and down well, as long as they are carpeted.  She prefers to have a doggie sibling for friendship and good times.  She has a 4/6 heart murmur that currently doesn’t need treatment. This will need to be monitored for her life.  Just like most seniors, she has some arthritis that is managed well with supplements for now.  She gets around great!  We will update as we learn more about this great old gal.

Gus, 10 Years Old, Neutered Male, Pekinese-Shih Tzu, 15lbs

Fostered in Maryland

Gus was found as an extremely matted stray. He was scared when he first arrived to his foster home but is now starting to relax and settle in.  He is very sweet.  Gus still has plenty of pep in his step and enjoys leash walks. He is good with other dogs. He also loves meal time, sleeps great through the night, does well in a crate, does well for car rides and knows how to “sit” on command. We aren’t sure yet if Gus is willing to do stairs. He seems uninterested or unaware of them. Gus’ foster parents are going to work with him on stairs. In the meantime, he does well being carried.  He is working on his potty manners, but is making progress in a short time.  He may never be 100% housebroken, but he’s 95% there.  He LOVES walking on leash and prefers to go potty on walks.  Please check back for updates on this sweet boy as we continue to learn more about him.

Darnell, 13 Years Old, Male, Corgi-Collie Mix, 16lbs


Darnell just came to GFA and we are getting to know him.  We will post details about this cute little guy soon, be sure to check back frequently.

Ester, 10 Years Old, Female, Pomeranian Mix, 8lbs


Ester just came to GFA and we are getting to know her.  We will post details about this cute little lady soon, be sure to check back frequently.

Christina, 7 Years Old, Female, Poodle Mix, 9lbs


This precious little lady has had a rough time. Christina was seized by animal control in Pennsylvania on 8/4 due to neglectful conditions (charges are pending). She was severely matted and underweight, and has only 3 teefs! Her vision and hearing may be impaired, but she appears to have at least a little bit of both. Christina is the sweetest, gentlest, most calm and affectionate girl. She is still scared, so she will need lots of patience and TLC.
This little cutie would love to snuggle up in her forever home!

Ziggy, 14 Years Old, Male, Toy Poodle, 9lbs


Ziggy just came to GFA and we are getting to know him.  We will post details about this cute little guy soon, be sure to check back frequently.