Daisy, 12 years old, spayed female, 35lbs, lab mix
Daisy is a healthy older girl who love head rubs and comfy beds.  She would prefer a quiet home with not a lot of hussle and bussle or strangers in and out.  She is a timid girl and is a bit anxious.  She is fully housebroken, enjoys the outdoors and is very laid back.  Daisy is a special old girl who deserves a perfect home to fit her needs.  She needs to be the only dog in the home.

Chumley, 10 years old, neutered male
Chumley is quite a character! He was a stray but is estimated to be around 10 years old. Although he only has one tooth remaining, he definitely still has that pep in his step!   He LOVES food and will let you know if he wants a treat!  Chum LOVES his stuffies and always has a toy or two near by.  He has been reactive toward dogs and would do best as an only dog.  He is potty trained and good on leash.  He is very sweet and full of personality.  Chumley would do fine in a home or an apartment and will be sure to bring lots o joy!

Chanel, shih tzu, 12 years old, female, 15 lbs
Chanel is an absolute joy! This sweet girl is thought to be around 12 years young and was found wandering the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. She must have belonged to someone at some point because she is always happy to see you and enjoys being around people, including children. It is unknown how she is with cats but she seems to do well with other dogs after taking some time to get to know them. Chanel loves walks and enjoys being outside in the sun which is a good thing since she is a little overweight for her size. She is also extremely vocal and is not afraid to use her voice to get what she wants (pets, people food or walks) or when she is excited!

Baxter, 12 years old, neutered male, Jack Russell Terrier mix, 15lbs
Baxter is a friendly boy with a lot of personality.  He loves toys, sometimes too much for his own good!  He does well with other dogs but should be supervised with food and toys.  He is housebroken and does well on leash.  He came to us with a nasty mass on his anus that was removed at the time of his neuter.  He is a happy boy and in great shape now.

Stay tuned as we learn more

Champ, Pit Bull Terrier, 14 years old, neutered male, 60lbs
Champ was surrendered to the shelter very late in life and is looking for a home to call his own! This old boy loves to give and receive affection and will demand it with a head nudge! He does not have a lot of house manners so we are working on teaching him whats appropriate for dogs of his size and age! He does very well with other dogs, big and small but seems TOO interested in cats. He was just recently neutered and had a mass removed. He has some hind end weakness and would benefit from a home with minimal stairs for him. He doesn’t hear very well, but he deserves the love and peace of a furever home!

Nicky, 12 years old, neutered male, ~6lbs

Nicky is a sweet old man that loves to snuggle.  He spends most of his time sleeping and would love to be in your arms.   He gets along with other dogs but mostly likes his humans.  He has only one tooth but still loves to eat his soft food.   He has arthitis in his neck but meds have really helped and benefits from a raised bowl.  He is a quiet, sweet older gentleman. He would do best in a home where someone is home with him.

Nicky is looking for a quiet, affectionate family

Caine, 9 years old, neutered male, Rottweiler, 65lbs

Caine is sucha a happy guy!  He is social and sweet although a little timid.  He does great with small and large dogs and has lived with cats and kids.  He is good on a leash and enjoys exploring with his nose to the ground.  He is in good shape and looking for a perfect home to spend his days

Caine would be a great addition to any family!

Holley, spayed female, 9 years old, Westie

Holley is diabetic but has been improving everyday, now, with insulin and TLC.    She does well with dogs and seems to be house broken.  She is a quiet, mellow girl but still wags when a new friend enters the room.

Stay tuned as we learn more

Buddy, 13 years old, neutered male, Cattle dog mix, 30 lbs


Buddy came to use from a rural shelter and arrived a little under weight and needs some dental care but he is VERY sweet.  He is senior, but still active and loves adventures.  He is very smart and has some of the typical “heller” beahviors.  He does well with other dogs and has said to do well with cats.

Stay tuned as we learn more

Bailey, Hound mix, neutered male, ~13 years old, 29 lbs

Bailey was surrendered to the shelter when his owners felt they could no longer commit to his care.  Well, we are glad we found him!  He is a great boy!  He is great with kids and dogs, large and small and is said to do well with cats.  He is housebroken, good on leash and quiet at home.  He still has good energy for a senior boy and loves his toys but also enjoys cuddles whne it’s time to chill.

Stay tuned as we learn more

Gilbert, 13 years old, Yorkshire terrier, neutered male, 5 lbs

Gilbert came to us needing lots of help! With some TLC, eye drops and medication for his arthirits, he is on a great path forward!  He is very sweet and mostly snoozes.  He has done well with the resident dog and cat.  He loves to eat and find a sunny spot!  We do not think he hears well.  He needs a peaceful place to spend his golden years

Stay tuned as we learn more1

Lenny, poodle mix, male, ~11 years old, 5lbs

Lenny is a very small and very friendly gentleman.  He seems to have some neurological deficits we are looking to address (head tilts, wobbly) but he is great with dogs, loves to walk and explore and is a great snuggler.

Stay Tuned as we learn more

Neyo, 10 years old, Bichon mix, male, 10 lbs

Funny Neyo is oh so sweet and loves to cuddle!  He came to us after breaking his jaw and losing part of it along with many of his teeth.  He is a resilint boy and is doing great now and full of personality.  He is not yet neutered but he will be soon.  He does great wth other dogs.  He has learned to eat on his own and even loves his tiny kibbles!  He is house broken and walks well on leash

Stay tuned as we learn more

Monty, 12 years old, llasa apso, neutered male, 12lbs


Monty is as sweet as can be!  This very laid back guy just likes a cozy spot near his freinds and a few sniffs around the yard.  He does great with other dogs, kids and cats.  He s housebroken and very well behaved in the home

Stay tuned as we learn more

Alfie, 10 yeas old, Dachshund, male,10 lbs

Alfie came to us missing most of his hair with a bacterial and fungal infection.  Despite his tough journey, he is very kind and gentle and loves attention.  He does well with other dogs.  He will be neutered and recieve a dental soon.

Noel, 13 years old, Collie mix, 40 lbs

Noel was left in an abandonded home for over a month before being brought to the shelter and then to us here at GFA.  Despite the neglect and hard times, she is so sweet and just wants peace and love.  She had to have an extensive dental and most of her tail removed due to a nasty mass.  She has done well with other dogs but an intro is required.  She is good on leash, housebroken and  mostly just loves to snuggle close to you!

Stay Tuned as Noel heals and we learn more!

Alvin, 7 years old, Male. terrier mix, 22 lbs

Alvin started his life in a neglectful situation, leading to poor health, bad skin and some key basic life skills as a dog.  Alvin does not do well walking on leash and doesnt quite understand it yet.  He does well with dogs, big and small and has met kids and done fine.  He will get some good TLC and be good to go in no time

Stay Tuned as we learn more!

Bernard, 10 years old, neutered male, Boston terrier, ~16 lbs

Bernard is SO CUTE!  He was found as a stray so his hisotry is unknown but he is a great dog!  He does great with other dogs and is pretty independent.  He spends most of his time napping and snores like a grandpa!  He is pretty well housebroken but needs a good routine.  He is a little unsteady on his back legs so he is not much for long walks but he does get around fine.

Stay Tuned as we learn more!