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**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: After much consideration, the decision has been made to fully move Gray Face Acres to where the founder is now located in Idaho. We are no longer taking in new dogs in the DC area. We stay committed to the dogs still in our care and will make sure all east coast dogs are adopted or otherwise provided for, after which GFA will no longer have a presence on the east coast.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of our supporters, donors, volunteers, and fosters for helping us save, take care of, and find forever homes for so many dogs!**


Gray Face Acres was established in 2016 by Debbie and Bob Gretz.  After many years in rescue,   Debbie realized there was a real need for a safe space for seniors so she started a rescue geared toward older dogs.  We are now a foster based rescue.  Gray Face Acres is completely volunteer run and donation driven.  If there are senior dogs in need, whether in a shelter or a home, we want to support dog’s needs.

That means rescuing the dog and getting it medically treated and into a loving furever home. Saving dogs is our mission and giving each dog the loving  life they deserve is our goal.  Gray Face Acres has saved hundreds of dogs and we strive, everyday, to save more!

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