A great trick to keeping your dog beds clean is to add a plastic garbage bag.  Make sure you get a dog bed where the inside cushioning can come out.  

You unzip the cover and take the inside cushioning out.  You wrap that cushioning in a plastic garbage bag.  You then put it back in the cover and zip it up.  The bag keeps the cushioning from taking in wetness such as urine. 

Leba III is an enzymatic dental spray.  You spray on their teeth and gum line once a day.

Dog Bed 

Always read and follow the directions on any product you use on your dog.

Pull the tail through the hole.

Doggie Diapers and Belly bands

Tips for Caring for your Canine

Place the band under the dog and over the penis..

Oratene is a product that you add to your dogs drinking water.  

Attach the half Poise pad to the belly band.

Teeth Care

Put the diaper on the dog with the velcro on top 

Pads need to be checked and changed often.

Cut the Poise pad in half.

Belly Bands or “Male Wraps” for the boys.
These are also available in pet supply shops and on line in many varieties.  Once again it is best to fit with a pad designed to absorb urine.  For a dog who is new to your home, you may just need to use this initially.  Even neutered, house trained males will mark in a new territory initially.  Once they know it is home they will stop.  If you are always taking off a belly band that is dry, then they have stopped feeling the need to mark, and you no longer need to use it.  Some males may always mark, so you just always put one on them.  Once again, pads need to be checked and changed often.  A wet pad that sits next to their skin for prolonged periods can cause urine burn, so use common sense here. 

For females make sure the pad partially covers the hole.

If you feel like you don't have time to brush your dog's teeth or you want to use these products along with brushing you can. Sometimes Senior dogs cannot have a dental done, these are good teeth care options then in that case.