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December 22, 2018. Our sweet old Valerie, who stole Debbie's heart the minute she looked into her kind eyes, came to us from Manassas City Shelter with her little lifetime buddy, Gizmo. They truly were bonded, and even though they enjoyed their time apart, could not wait to get back together again. Valerie had severe arthritis, but Debbie felt very hopeful because she managed so well, and loved the walks around the fence line with the whole menagerie. Then on Thursday afternoon she went down and did not get back up again...just like that. After she was humanely euthanized Debbie let Gizmo say one last goodbye.  

​Remembered Angels


Rest In Peace little Archie 💔 You came to us skin and bones with a host of medical issues. Once we got them figured out, and you went to stay with your awesome foster Mom and Dad, you had a wonderful year of love, walks and home cooked meals. You were dearly loved and will be missed by many people who knew you, but mostly your foster mom and dad, who loved and spoiled you! Thank you so much Amy and Eric, for giving this little guy the best last year of his life. His little body became more painful than could be managed, and he just did not want to eat or stand up anymore. Run free of pain little Archie boy...we all loved you!

July 2, 2018 was a very difficult and sad day. We had to say goodbye to our amazing Great Dane, Prada. With us for 6 of her 11 years, it was a pleasure and a privilege to have this majestic, beautiful queen in our lives. She was truly a gift and a treasure. I hope she is galloping free where her eyes can see and are no longer painful. She was so loved by all who visited her and knew her. 

Sadly Rex crossed the Rainbow Bridge  April 25, 2018.  We wish we had more time to honor him for his service to our country.  He was loved and well cared for until the end.  To remember and memorialize him his picture will be up at the Mission BBQ in Gainesville.  

Rex was a beautiful senior shepherd, who was thought to be around 14 years old.  He was flown to VA from Kuwait, thanks to a generous donor donated their airline miles for him.  He came through the connection Ruff Ranch Sanctuary has with a shelter in Kuwait. They have taken a few into their rescue from this shelter.  Upon arrival it was discovered Rex was not able to do stairs, due to degenerative Myelopathy, so a change had to be made in the original foster arrangement, and Gray Face Acres offered to take him.  We also discovered a tattoo in his ear which led us to believe he may be a military dog, so one of our dedicated volunteers has been researching this possibility and has found an organization called “The United States War Dogs Association” to help in our search to possibly know more about his history.  Rex was sent a beautiful bandana, a patch and a poem commemorating his service.  




     Bubba came to us in October of 2017, at the ripe old age of 18 years.  When I heard that his owner had lost his job and his home, and he had to leave all of his dogs at the shelter, I felt we had to help.  Especially with Bubba.  He was by far the most senior of all of them.  An 18 year old dog has about no chance of being adopted, unless somebody happens to take pity on them.  Bubba’s story is exactly what Gray Face Acres is all about.  We don't ever want a senior dog to spend his last days in a shelter.  So Bubba came here to retire.  He was riddled with fleas, and very skinny, with a brittle coat.  His blood work revealed nothing some good food and supplements could not fix, and he did begin to flourish.  His coat became thicker, his skin healthier.   A little sparkle shone in his eyes, and a little bounce appeared in his step.

     The winters are always harder on our senior dogs (and on Bob and I!).  He struggled with his footing on ice, snow, and mud, when he went outside.  I hoped he would have a Spring and Summer with us, but was grateful for the mellow Fall.  The time we get to spend with them is a gift, and I think of that time, not the time we don’t have.  Making a dog’s last days the very best they can be is what we strive for!  We had to say goodbye to Bubba just a few weeks ago.  I was happy he had a few days of sunshine, and grass to snooze in before he left us.   It was such a pleasure to  care for this sweet old boy at the end of his life.  He knew he was loved.

-Debbie Gretz


We know that when our pups cross the Rainbow Bridge, we were able to bring happiness to their lives.  Once over the Bridge, they'll be youthful and healthy once again.