Cotton was a sweet boy who was only with us a short time but took our hearts. He suffered from Cushings disease.  He was bathed, and warm, and loved and attended too. He ate chicken and scrambled eggs and fish every day. 

Mr. B


We know that when our pups cross the Rainbow Bridge, we were able to bring happiness to their lives.  Once over the Bridge, they'll be youthful and healthy once again.



​Remembered Angels

Speedy was with us for a very short time but the time here was full of love, a warm place to sleep, laps and snacks.  We were able to make his final days good days, and that is our mission.



Daisy was only with GFA for a few weeks.  She was a sweet senior dog whose heart finally gave out on her.  We take comfort in knowing that she was cared for in her last few weeks.