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We know that when our pups cross the Rainbow Bridge, we were able to bring happiness to their lives.  Once over the Bridge, they'll be youthful and healthy once again.

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​Remembered Angels

Sweet little forever foster Ginger Bear crossed over rainbow bridge March 3, 2019 in the arms of her loving parents, Calli and Brian. She had a wonderful 15 months of being loved, spoiled and comfortable every minute of her life with them, until relentless siezures put an end to that. Sweet Ginger was about 16 or 17 years old. She came to us blind and walking in circles, and I honestly wondered if anyone would take her home, and how much time she had. Brian and Calli didnt even hesitate when they met her. They scooped her up in their arms and loved her to the end! The very best gift for this little girl. Then they had the courage to let her go with love.