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Gerda is in permanent foster care. 

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Permanently Fostered Special Needs and Hospice Dogs

These beloved dogs will remain in the care of Gray Face Acres very special foster homes, where we can closely monitor their veterinary needs, and they can also get the love and attention they deserve.

If there is a Gray Face Acres Special needs dog or Hospice dog who really tugs at your heart strings, you can donate any amount to help with their care.  ALL donations for each of these sweet senior dogs will go directly to their care.  All donations are tax deductible.

****Special Needs****

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Buttercup is a very sweet little poodle mix.  We believe she is 10 to 12 years old. She came to us from a Baltimore shelter on September 22nd, 2018.  Buttercup was taken to the shelter after somebody had found her shivering and hairless on their front porch.  Her nails were longs and her feet and tail hairless, black and cold.   It is thought she was used for breeding and dumped when she was no longer useful.  Blood work showed she was very anemic, and had some infection going on in her fragile little body.  She had about 3 weeks of good food, warmth and medicine, and she was ready to be spayed.  We believe she has some endocrine issues keeping her fur from coming in.  After being spayed she began to grow fur on all of her feet.  Believing that she needs to have some good care, good food and continued exploring to help her get her coat back and become healthy, we have decided she will be a permanent foster and we are so happy her foster Mama, Marla, agreed to take her home and love her!

****Special Needs****

****Special Needs****

Gabe is our very sweet and smart 14 year old poodle.  He had quite a severe bladder stone, that when biopsied, was found to be a calcium oxalate crystal.  These crystals must be surgically removed and donot dissolve with diet.  It had gotten quite large and did some damage to his bladder.  He will remain in our care to ensure he is on the proper diet to prevent this from happening again, and to ensure that if it does he will get the medical attention he needs.  

Ginger is our adorable 15 year old ShihTzu lady who resides in the same foster home as Lambchop.  Ginger is blind and deaf and is learning to navigate her foster home.  She loves the companionship of her people and the other dogs in her wonderful home.

Lambchop - Is our sweet, 15 year old blind and deaf poodle girl.  She also has mammory tumors we are not able to have removed due to her age.  She is in permanent foster care where she is spoiled and loved for the rest of her life.  

Yoda is very senior, (over 12 years) and is blind and deaf.  He is with his permanent foster family where he gets all kinds of love and attention.

****Special Needs****

Gabby is a Maltipoo.  She is about 18 lbs. Her story is a sad one.  She came into a Baltimore shelter back in April with long matted hair, 3 nails curled and grown all the way through her feet, covered in fleas and an eye about to burst.  After no takers at the shelter, they removed her eye, surgically removed her nails from her feet, spayed her and sheared off her mats.  Still she sat in the shelter until she came to us in July.  We have watched this cute girl blossom.  She is about 12 years.  She is house trained.  She has one eye and is blind in the other, and she is deaf, but she is undaunted by all of this.  Her happy tail is always going.  She can tell when you are near.  Her nose can find anything.  She loves to cuddle and be near her person, but she is fine snoozing in her bed all day too.  

****Special Needs****