​           We have been so fortune to have adopted out hundreds of dogs over the last 13+ years.  Below are just a few of our pups who were recently adopted into wonderful families.


Archie – Archie is now in Fospice with his Foster Mom, Amy.


Black Jack



Liza– Liza (formerly Ruby) has a wonderful new home with her new Mom, Diana.




Peanut – Peanut is a little chi who came to is from Jefferson County shelter.  We fostered him for one of our partner rescues, Ruff Ranch Sanctuary, and he was adopted in January.  His new mom is a vet tech, and Peanut gets to go to work with her.  She also discovered Peanut loves to play fetch!


Frosty – Frosty has been adopted by a wonderful family who have two golden retrievers.  (Frosty is on the left.)  As you can tell from the photo - he's one happy little camper!! 

Mr. Pickles

Maggie– Maggie is a beautiful shepherd mix who loves to be with her special person.  She was adopted by a wonderful woman who will be able to take Maggie to work with her.  The perfect home for this lovable, loyal dog.

Rocky and Milo – Peter adopted these little guys and they now have a loving home in New York.