On March 29, little Boomer was adopted.  Happy adoption day sweet Boomer! We did not even have him for a week! Happy life little Man!

On January 19, Oreo was adopted. Happy adoption day Oreo!! Wishing you and Christine happiness and love for many years!!


Happy adoption day to our sweet Dreamboat Annie!! I just love people who will adopt a 14 year old dog and give them the best rest of their lives!! Thanks Brad and Kim!!

Little Miss Holly went to her forever home December 2, 2017 with Faye, and Fayes family. She will always be in a lap or a bed and be getting love!! Happy life little Holly!

Happy adoption day! January 27, Ducky was adopted to a wonderful family with  a happy home.  Her best buddy will be Ben the three legged Terrier.

On Saturday March 10, Lambchop now Lambykins was taken home by Callie and Brian. Brian is holding little Josie! He was in love with all of the dogs!! Well actually they both were!!

Happy adoption day Baby Girl! She went home with the Lawson family on February 24!!

After an entire year with us, we found the perfect home for Rocky! Such sweet people, quiet and gentle. Rocky will have one other Chihuahua companion to keep him company. A fireplace to lay in front of was a “must have”. Rocky has been so very shy and overlooked for so long. This was the first time he actually went to them and said HI!! Let them pet him and pick him up. I was so thrilled to see that. Hoping he has the very best life with his new family!! January 27.


Happy adoption day, July 30; Lil’ Buddy! Betty and William’s 3rd adoption from Gray Face Acres!

On January 8, 2018, Princess Daisy in her new home on her Princess pillow. New mama says all is well and she is fitting in with her 3 senior fur sisters very well.

Liza– Liza (formerly Ruby) has a wonderful new home with her new Mom, Diana.


Ginny was adopted today by her Foster Family. 2/25/19


Peanut – Peanut is a little chi who came to is from Jefferson County shelter.  We fostered him for one of our partner rescues, Ruff Ranch Sanctuary, and he was adopted in January.  His new mom is a vet tech, and Peanut gets to go to work with her.  She also discovered Peanut loves to play fetch!

Happy adoption day Simon!! On January 11, he went home to be Spicey’s older handsome brother! Olivia is the best Chi mom! Thanks Olivia! And happy, happy life Spicey and Simon!

Sweet boy Jose was adopted this weekend!  October 28, 2018

Bandit was adopted 9/4/19

Happy adoption day little Cash!! We will miss you and all your funny little quirks little man! You have a wonderful new mama though. We look forward to updates and photos. June 10, 2018.

 Peanut and Mini went to their perfect forever home this weekend!! Woohoo!! I was so happy for these two puppets and their new people!! Mini and Peanut definitely chose them. January 27.

Happy adoption day to Fat Boy!! This sweet little girl renamed him Comet on the spot! I knew his new family would find a better name. She was so excited to finally have a dog. It’s all she has ever wished for.  June 6,2018

Crispin went to his forever home today!! He will have 3 women doting on him! Just what this little man needs! happy life Crispin!

Gabe is with Debbie is Idaho

Smidge with her new mama.  Nov. 13, 2018.

On January 7 2018, Jojo went home with Lisa Hart and she lives in Newport News and South Carolina.  Jojo will live with a family with hubby and 2 older children, as well as 2 other dogs.

Our adorable little Zoe with her new Mama! I think she looks perfect in those arms! Her new name is Flossie!!

Feb 1. Happy adoption day little Sabrina!! She went home today with our 3 time Chihuahua adopter, and best Chi mom ever, Olivia!! Olivia has adopted Peanut, Spicey and Simon from us!! Happy life Sabrina!!!

With new mom and Dad, Betty and William

Happy adoption day, July 7, little Diego!! He is the cute little guy on the right. We will miss this little guy around here

Happy Adoption day, February 17, 2018, to the little sister of the 2 shaggy sisters! Her mama, Mary, drove all the way from New Jersey to pick up her little muffin, and reports that they are home and doing well. Happy life little sister!


Another happy adoption day, September 3, for Nash (the little white dog). He met his new little brother, Benji, and they were instant buddies! Happy forever life with your new family Nash 

Frosty – Frosty has been adopted by a wonderful family who have two golden retrievers.  (Frosty is on the left.)  As you can tell from the photo - he's one happy little camper!! 

On January 9, 2018 Mason left with his new mama!!! Happy life Mason!

Our sweet Daisy the Dachshund has been adopted by her very best foster mom! We could not be happier for Daisy and Rachel!!

London and Pheobe

Mr. Pickles

On April 15 it was Happy adoption day for Manny!! I am very sure you will be loved and spoiled by your new mama

Happy adoption day, August 9, to our sweetest tiny Saber! With all of these sweet ladies, I'm sure he will get tons of love and attention! enjoy your forever home little man.


Maggie– Maggie is a beautiful shepherd mix who loves to be with her special person.  She was adopted by a wonderful woman who will be able to take Maggie to work with her.  The perfect home for this lovable, loyal dog.

Biggie is ADOPTED!!! Our groomer extrodanaire, Erika, fell in love with him the last few times she has been here. She finally gave in and took this sweet, funny little boy home. He has a fenced yard and 2 adopted rescue buddies!! Erika says he is doing great! I hope she will bring him to visit every time she comes to groom dogs for us:)

Rocky and Milo – Peter adopted these little guys and they now have a loving home in New York.

8/28 Another happy adoption this afternoon for our sweet older gentleman, Jack! It was love at first sight for these two, but I had a feeling it would be! They needed each other. Jack just wants his own person 24/7, and now he has that ❤️ ❤️So happy for him. he has been here since the beginning of July.

 Our sweet girl Roxy found her forever home and rode off in style. Her new human had recently had to put his wife in a nursing home and needed to fill the hole in his heart. He and his wonderful daughter and son in law will make a great family for this sweet girl. And she will always get to ride shotgun in her new Mustang!!

❤️12/29 Happy adoption day Gizmo. So many changes for this little dude...from losing his family, to going to a shelter, to coming here, then losing his best friend, Valerie! I am so happy he was able to go to a wonderful home where he will have a fenced acre to run, another big, fluffy friend, and a woman who loves him!

Ginger was adopted by Rebecca and went to live in VA Beach.  She is very happy and loved!!

Our sweet boy Chester was adopted August 23! Thank you Amy and Eric for fostering him! We could not help so many without our dedicated foster homes. Thank you Joan for giving this sweet boy a great new home! Happy life Chester!

Happy adoption day August 31, to our special Bugsy! He will have his people with him all day, another little Shih Tzu friend and a big fenced back yard! 

On January 15, Zach adopted Jill. Zack has been taking her home on weekends, and I really don't think I have ever seen a dog so in love!! Happy trails to the 2 of you!!


Archie – Archie is now in Fospice with his Foster Mom, Amy.

Happy adoption day, January 20, Teddy was adopted. Surgery was a success, and he can go home with his new family for rehab and recovery, who will now be Schmosby!! Happy rest of your life!

Little Simon, now Stevie, was adopted on August 12, if you can believe it. He has certainly settled right in with his new mom and fur siblings. Happy life, Stevie Simon!

Happy adoption day Ruby, 8/28!! She has a sweet senior Frenchy sister who is 12 years old! The 2 of them hit it off pretty well today! Happy life Ruby!

December 30 2017. With new mom Debbie.

December 17, 2017. Happy life Spicey, with Jason and Olivia, running on the beach and horseback riding! A perfect life for our little Spicey girl.

1/31. Buttercup went home today with her new Foster mama, Marla.  

Happy adoption day to our little Dotti, now known as Daisy. She will love her active family who are SOOOO excited to have a new family member. They were so cute and giggly and Mom was all smiles!! Happy life little Daisy June 4, 2018.

Our girl, Angel, was adopted August 17! We are wishing her a happy ever after with her new mom. Thank you to Jenzs Smith for fostering this girl!

​           We have been so fortune to have adopted out around 130 dogs over the last 13+ years.  Below are just a few of our pups who were recently adopted into wonderful families.

Yoda was adopted. 2/26/19


Black Jack