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Many of our dogs are last minute emergency pulls from shelters or bad situations and are often hundreds of miles away.  If you would be interested in transporting or helping to arrange transport, please contact us.


This is the hardest, most important, and most rewarding job in rescue.  Foster homes tell us who the dog is and set the stage for successful adoptions.  If you are interested please fill out our Foster Application

Be a Dogs Best Friend

Many of the dogs need ongoing medication and vet care (just like us humans that are getting older).  You can be a 'best friend' by using PayPal to make a monthly donation.  You can even pick your dog friend.

We have many ways for you to help.  All it will cost you is money and/or time     

Administrative Support

We need help managing the website, generating blast emails, publishing a newsletter, taking advantage of social media, and getting the word out to make sure as many senior dogs as possible end up with happy lives.  If you are interested please contact us.


Taking in an aging dog and making its last months or years its best, can be both sad and rewarding.  We find it to be rewarding.  If you have room in your house and heart to make a dogs later years its best years, this is for you.  Contact us.

Get Involved


Have experience fundraising?  Know how to look for and write grant applications?  Love dogs but don't have the time or spare room to foster?  We need you!  Rescues cost money and a great fundraising crew is at the heart of ever great rescue.  Please contact us.