Smidge - When Smidge came to us from the shelter she was in, we were told she was found as a stray, so matted she could barely move, and had maggots all over her when her coat was shaved. She has been very flinchy and head shy, and not a fan of being touched at all, so we have been letting her just chill, and feel safe. We have some good volunteers spending some one on one time with her and she is blossoming, her little tail finally wagging, and becoming happy to see us instead of hiding and shaking!!
One day at a time little Smidgen!! We will find that happy little dog you once were.

Rocky - ​​​Rocky is a very nice, easy going 10 year old Chihuahua.  His markings look like a black and white cow and he has the sweetest gray on his head.  He is about 8 lbs.  He gets along with dogs and all people.  He has been fine with visiting children.  He really just likes to be near his people and find a comfy bed to curl up in.  Ideally Rocky would have a fenced yard to wander around in.  He loves to find a sunny spot and snooze.  This little guy is pretty low maintenance.  He is a little shy at first, but warms up and will be your best buddy. 

An * means the dog has special needs.

Gabby- Sweet Gabby is a very special girl and we want to find her a very special home. She is a Maltipoo.  She is about 18 lbs. Her story is a sad one.  She came into a Baltimore shelter back in April with long matted hair, 3 nails curled and grown all the way through her feet, covered in fleas and an eye about to burst.  After no takers at the shelter, they removed her eye, surgically removed her nails from her feet, spayed her and sheared off her mats.  Still she sat in the shelter until she came to us in July.  We have watched this cute girl blossom.  She is about 12 years.  She is house trained.  She has one eye and is blind in the other, and she is deaf, but she is undaunted by all of this.  Her happy tail is always going.  She can tell when you are near.  Her nose can find anything.  She loves to cuddle and be near her person, but she is fine snoozing in her bed all day too.  We would love to find that special person who will give this girl the very best life for the rest of her life. We believe she has many good years to go!!

If you are interested in Gabby, please submit an application

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Our sweet little girl Gem is about 10 years old and a petite 19lbs.  Gem came to us when Manassas City Shelter asked for help.  She had come into the shelter covered in ticks, and was so sick they did not think she would make it.  After finding out she had a bad case of a tick borne disease called erlichia, she was treated and nursed back to pretty good health, but they also found out she is heart-worm positive.  She is being treated for heart-worm and when she is healthy enough she will also be spayed.  Then she will be available for adoption.  Stay tuned for updates on this sweet girl.  Her foster mom says she is the best!!

These wonderful dogs are available to be fostered, adopted or for permanent fospice.  If you are interested, simply fill out an application to begin the process.

Jose - My name is Jose and I am an 8 year old Chihuahua/ Dachshund mix who loves all people, kids and dogs I meet.  I have never been around cats so we don't know about that. I came into Gray Face Acres Rescue when my family could no longer take care of me.  I am a very portable 11 pounds and my vet check up was great!  Not health problems!  I will be neutered and have a dental on October 3rd.  Then I can go to my forever home!!  I hope it will be somebody who will love me for the rest of my life.

​Biggie - Meet Biggie!  He is a 12lb, 8 year old neutered Chihuahua mix.  We dont know what he is mixed with, but he is super cute, and short and stout, with an adorable snaggle tooth!  Biggie is a huge personality in a tiny dog.  He  loves all people and is a little cuddle buddy.  He loves to be held and lick your face!  He gets along GREAT with all of the other dogs in the house.  Biggie does not do well meeting other dogs on a leash!  We would love to find a home for Biggie where he is part of a pack of other dogs.  Ideally where he does not need to go on a leash anyplace, and can just run around a fenced yard with his housemates.   If you want the challenge of teaching Biggie better leash manners, that would be great too.  He is house trained and up to date on all vaccinations.  He has also had a dental.  If you think Biggie is the one for you, please submit an adoption application.

Buttercup -

Available Dogs

Jimmy - ​Jimmy is a very sweet 10 year old dog. Due to a severe flea allergy, he lost most of his fur and was almost completely naked when he came to Gray Face Acres. His fur has started to come back and it turns out he is strawberry blonde. We are not sure what kind of dog he is, all we know is he is very good dog. He loves sitting next to you or on you on the couch and he is excellent at giving kisses. He enjoys short leash walks and car rides. Jimmy has a tendency to lift his leg to mark in the house so he wears a belly band at his foster’s house. We are working to correct this and he has shown some improvement. He gets along with people, dogs, and cats.