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Sheba and Mac - Bonded pair.  Not ready tor adoption just yet.    Mac had his neuter surgery and is healing.

Available Dogs

These wonderful dogs are available to be fostered, adopted or for permanent fospice.  If you are interested, simply fill out an application to begin the process.

Jimmy - ​Jimmy is a very sweet 10 year old dog. Due to a severe flea allergy, he lost most of his fur and was almost completely naked when he came to Gray Face Acres. His fur has started to come back and it turns out he is strawberry blonde. We are not sure what kind of dog he is, all we know is he is very good dog. He loves sitting next to you or on you on the couch and he is excellent at giving kisses. He enjoys short leash walks and car rides. Jimmy has a tendency to lift his leg to mark in the house so he wears a belly band at his foster’s house. We are working to correct this and he has shown some improvement. He gets along with people, dogs, and cats.

An * means the dog has special needs.

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