Bob and Debbie Gretz


Georgia Dodson

Foster and Adoption Coordinator

Our Board and Founders

Bob and Debbie Gretz founded Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue and Retreat after fostering many dogs for other rescue groups, and finding that most of the senior dogs never left their house!  So began the journey of Gray Face Acres in June of 2016.  In the course of 15 years, over 450 dogs found there way to our home, and either retired with them, or went onto their forever families. 
“Our goal is to rescue as many unwanted senior dogs as we possibly can, through our connections with many of the local shelters, and so many people who reach out asking for help with placing senior dogs they can no longer care for.
Family called us back to Idaho in August of 2019, where we have parents, children and grandchildren.  We left Gray Face Acres in the very capable hands of a wonderful board, and volunteers, and love seeing the progress they are continuing to have!!  We are working on Gray Face Acres West as we look for our niche in a completely new area!! We look forward to seeing what we can do to help senior dogs in Idaho!

Debbie Dallesandro (and Pepper)
Director and President

       My love for animals began growing up here in Virginia catching frogs, petting cows, and bargaining with my parents to secure a family dog. Our very first family dog, Jake, was a GSD puppy adopted from a local shelter.

       During my college years in Richmond, VA I adopted an old moody dog named Benji. He was initially a test drive dog because the shelter did not believe he was adoptable. When I returned to sign the adoption papers, the shelter workers asked me “are you sure you want him?” From that point forward I searched for the least adoptable dog in shelters. The dogs who stink, who show aggression, dogs who are blind, or “damaged”, dogs consistently overlooked and left behind.

        Since that time I’ve adopted three blind dogs and one moody dog who believes himself to be a cat. One of those blind dogs, Oscar, came from a local rescue and was being fostered by Debbie Gretz. My friendship with Debbie blossomed and I realized we could do truly great things for animals. Debbie formed Gray Face Acres and I hopped on board building a social media presence for the rescue. It’s been an honor to participate in saving so many old, “broken” dogs with GFA and I am so excited for great things to come.

            I have been a dog lover since birth. As soon as I could walk, I was following every dog that walked past our yard. Things didn't change much and I have always made a point to include dogs in my life. I volunteered at shelters, walked and watched dogs in my neighborhood and begged my mother to keep every stray I came across. I knew dogs would have to be a part of my life.

           I have lived in Maryland all of my life.  I have had some amazing opportunities to travel the globe, but home is always with my dogs and Marcus back in Maryland!  I work in non-profit finance for a small private school in my area and I love my job and it has taught me so much!

             Marcus and I have been together since we were 16! It will be ten years in October! He loves me, old dogs and all. Although it was not a shared passion at first, Marcus loves our dogs and is a huge part of our team! I could not do this without him!

             When we got our first condo together, we adopted Carol, an old smelly beagle from our local shelter. She changed my life. Since bringing carol home, I have been passionate about helping our senior fur babies live out their best life in their golden years.

              We have adopted nine seniors since then and it has been unbelievably rewarding. I am so happy and honored to be joining GFA to continue to do what I love and make a difference.

Jade Conner.

Director of Social Media

Being born and raised in the Midwest, I had exposure to animals of all kinds. I loved to ride horses, I had birds and dogs. During the summer was able to visit with family on their farm that had chickens, sheep, horses, you name it, it was fun.

     Married in 1973 to Richard Dallesandro and then 3 years later had a beautiful daughter, Kimberly. I now have the greatest grandson ever Dylan and a granddaughter Brittney. Very grateful for family and friends.

     After a long career in restaurant/retail management I am grateful for all that I learned from sales to budgeting, leadership and managing people. I had the privilege to work with some of the greatest companies that taught me how to drive sales and most importantly, managing people.

     I promised myself that once I retired, I would work at a dog rescue. Well, I semi-retired which left me with sometime on my hands. I looked for an opportunity close by and found Gray Face Acres in Haymarket. I started volunteering there and loved it. I really was able to get my doggie fix and help keep the rescue clean. The rescue grew so fast, fostering and adopting, getting many dogs into their forever homes and as a result I became the volunteer coordinator and worked on getting more volunteers and staffing for the rescue, and the growing number of events we were participating in. I also adopted two Senior pups, Pepper a Shih Tzu and Dolly a lab mix.

     I quickly realized the growing number of dogs needing fosters or adopted, far outweighed the many rescues capacity to help.  So that is when I developed “A Hand Up program. This program is to help those that struggle to keep their pet/s due to financial or medical needs, they can get help rather than having to give up their pet, surrendering them to a shelter.  We provide them with food, supplies and cover the pet’s medical needs, either temporary or permanent. We also help Senior Citizens that cannot financially afford to have a pet, but can provide a loving caring home, by giving them a pet of their own and we support that Senior with food, supplies and vet support.

     It has been my joy to work for the rescue and to continue as the Director for Gray Face Acres and A Hand Up.