A Hand Up

Guiding Principles

Keeping pets in their loving homes and out of shelters.
Reduce the growing pet population in shelters.
Increasing owner and pet quality of life.
Educating pet and non-pet owners on how to provide a healthy loving home for a pet.


How You can help

*           By providing pet food

*           Sponsoring vet bills

*           Cash Donations

*           donate at grayfaceacres.org, use the PayPal link

*           Shop the Amazon Hands Up Wishlist https://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1OW8K7QYYNFUP

*           Volunteer at our website www. grayfaceacres/volunteer-application.

*           Provide temporary haven for a pet while the owner is unable to by fostering in your home.

A Hand Up by Debbie Dallesandro

     With so many dogs needing adoption, fostering and just plain saving it became very apparent that we, as a rescue, were doing our best but just could not get ahead of demand. The countless emails asking our rescue to help and having to turn them away because we did not have the room or enough fosters to make it happen. The faces of dogs, cats and the trauma that they had gone through because their owner/s gave their pets up because they were too old, or could not manage the vet bills or worse, abused the animals and they were taken away. After a while, it became heart wrenching and depressing to not be able to help them all.

     I just thought there must be a better way. That is when I came up with the idea of A Hand Up. An organization that would help senior citizens keep their beloved pet. Over 50% of the dogs/cats in shelters/rescues are a result of a senior citizen having to give up their pet due to their inability to financially feed or care for their pet. It is not because the owner does not love them, in most cases it is the only family they have, but it may mean that the owner goes without much needed medication or food for themselves to try and take care of their pet. The owner eventually must give up the only family that they have.

Under the leadership of Gray Face Acres Rescue, we developed the program A Hand Up, and are currently helping families stay together.

As the program grows the plan is to continue to provide food and help with vet bills but also provide a team of people that would visit the homes and check on the pet and the owner providing support, making sure the pet is healthy and happy. Also, if the owner is temporarily unable to take care of the pet, we can find a temporary foster home for the pet until the owner is able to provide that loving and caring home for their pet again.

Our true wish is to reduce the number of dogs/cats going into shelters. While we cannot completely avoid dogs/cats going into shelters, we can address a root cause of a lot of wonderful and loved pets being given up because of a temporary or permanent situation.