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Carry your buddy around in this beautiful handmade carrier.  Carries a small dog or cat comfortably.  BIG area to carry your buddy in.  Suggested weight is up to 12 pounds.  Very strong and can carry heavier weights - it all depends on how strong your shoulder is.

Blossom before

Buddy BAGS

We lost Muffin today, 3/7.  She was there from the beginning of GFA.  We will all miss her dearly.  RIP Muffin.  


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GFA’s CFC # is 17686.


This is how Blossom came into Gray Face Acres care.  She was cleaned up and groomed.  She spent her last weeks at GFA warm, loved and well cared for.

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Muffin, Ruby, Gabe and Jack hanging around at the Rescue

Bob and Debbie at home with the dogs

Buddy Bags are now available in our SHOP

​This one features little dogs sitting with a lime green color inside! This handmade Buddy Bag is perfect for your special pet! It enables your little buddy to go anywhere with you! Made from a soft, washable, durable fabric. Lined with a separate cloth pattern for added cuteness!

Blossom after

Number of adoptions

Gray Face Acres is Silver Star participant with Guidestar. To be a Silver Star a “GuideStar Basic Financial Statement” is required. The nonprofit also must certify that the financial information provided is “up to date and accurate.” The basic information for the bronze level also is required. For more information visit their website.


New designs are being added.

Gray Face Acres is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization

P.O. Box 393, Catharpin, VA 20143

Gray Face Acres was established by Bob and Debbie Gretz.  Bob and Debbie along with all of the precious rescued friends live on 10 beautiful, secluded acres in Haymarket,  Virginia.  We (Bob and Debbie) have been rescuing and fostering dogs for 13 years, and in April of 2016 started Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue and Retreat.   The mission of Gray face Acres is to provide the comfort and love of a home and family for senior dogs abandoned or left in shelters.  We work with many of the local shelters taking senior dogs who have medical issues and other special needs, whose chances of adoption are slim to none.  Many of them retire here with a life of love and comfort. Some cross over Rainbow bridge with us by their side, and not alone.  Others are adopted into the loving homes of people we meet who also have big hearts for senior dogs.

After so many years of fostering, nearly 250 dogs, so many of the seniors ended up staying here.  That is when we decided to make Gray Face Acres official, and continue focusing on the need to help our older four legged friends.  We feel very strongly that it is not an option to leave the very senior and sick dogs in shelters to spend their final days, or weeks. We are growing our network of senior and hospice homes because our goal is to help as many senior dogs as we possibly can.  We are a registered 501c3, all volunteer charity, entirely funded by ourselves and generous donors.

To put it simply, we are very passionate about what we do.

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