This is the shocking, heartbreaking picture of how Toby came into the shelter. BARCS does such an amazing job of taking care of the dogs that come to them. He was so matted, and filthy, he could not walk. He was shaved down and bathed, and they were able to get x rays and a biopsy of the growth in his mouth. This poor sweet boy lived outside, and in this condition for who knows how long. He will be going this Saturday to live with a good rescue friend of mine, Laura H. Where she can work with him on some behavior issues. We love him and will stand by whatever he needs to have a happy rest of his life. At 10 years old, he deserves the best we can give him.

Rex is a beautiful senior shepherd, thought to be around 14 years old.  He was flown to VA from Kuwait, thanks to a generous donor donated their airline miles for him.  He came through the connection Ruff Ranch Sanctuary has with a shelter in Kuwait. They have taken a few into their rescue from this shelter.  Upon arrival it was discovered Rex was not able to do stairs, due to degenerative Myelopathy, so a change had to be made in the original foster arrangement, and Gray Face Acres offered to take him.  We have the perfect “stairless” accommodations for him.  We also discovered a tattoo in his ear which led us to believe he may be a military dog, so one of our dedicated volunteers has been researching this possibility and has found an organization called “The United States War Dogs Association” to help in our search to possibly know more about his history.  In the meantime, Rex was sent a beautiful bandana, a patch and a poem commemorating his service.  We are anxious to hopefully hear more from them.

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Toby after

REX GFA's war hero!

Toby before